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Working with families to build closer connections

through personal growth, mutual respect, and tools to help raise children into emotionally healthy adults.

"Beneath every behavior there is a feeling. Beneath each feeling is a need. When we meet that need rather than focus on the behavior, we begin to deal with the cause, not the problem."

- Ashleigh Warner, Psychologist

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Find your fresh start. Redeem. Restore. Refocus. 

Rebuild your family to a joyful family life.

  • Live Coaching Sessions are personally designed for each family to fully understand yourself, and connect with each other effectively.

  • I am committed to you, the individual, regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or Veteran status.            All are welcome here.

  • My program is uniquely designed using scientifically proven research, neurological, psychological, and statistical studies, observations of human behavior, and take-aways from inspirational industry experts.



Let's Work Together




Private Family Sessions

Group Sessions

Adolescent Sessions

Meet with Wendy live online, for weekly private family sessions, including adults and children, to begin eliminating chaos and learn to understand one another through respectful  relationship building.

Meet with Wendy live online weekly, to begin building family connectedness with the added support of other families in the same session.

Private Family or Group Sessions for teens and guardians meeting online, live with Wendy, for weekly sessions, divided between adolescents and adults. 


Self-Guided Videos

Not ready for live coaching? Receive weekly videos with family practice assignments and tools to build respectful connected relationships.

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"I have sent my 15 year old daughter to several therapists but she refused to participate, and never progressed from depression and aggressive behavior. Wendy has been the only person my daughter felt comfortable with to open up "

- Anonymous from Family Coaching program*


*Due to the confidentiality agreement this client remains anonymous.


Meet Wendy

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Hi, I’m Wendy Allyson! I’m a mother of two, pet owner of 7, life-long entrepreneur, a community leader and performing activist.  I am also a singer-songwriter and devoted creative who believes the arts are a powerful coping skill, for both children and adults. 

I have been a Certified Parent Educator since 2000, and have since empowered thousands of children and guided hundreds of families through an enlightening journey to a peaceful and joyful family life. For 12 of those years, I worked on a Prevention Team with a child abuse agency as a family facilitator, and as a performing educator reaching nearly 200,000 school aged children to learn how to recognize, resist, and report child physical and sexual abuse and neglect, through the art of bunraku puppetry. Hearing so many stories of despair and fear from broken hearted children, inspired me to want to change the dynamic of our future.


In 2014, I became one of the leaders for a small start-up volunteer group offering free education and empowerment to young women and children rescued from the sex trafficking industry, leading them to find their voice and know their rightful choices. As a co-leader for this organization, we have now grown to over 70 volunteers serving survivors across the world.


With a background in Psychology and years of Trauma Informed trainings, I have developed effective family coaching techniques that combines research from my own personal, professional, and spiritual experiences with training and tactics from industry professionals.  I have inspired families to learn to grow together in joyful gratitude, through life stresses, personality conflicts, the toddler years, and my specialty – the Teenage Stages! - with these methods along with soulful self-reflection and mindfulness in relationship connection for each individual practicing mutual respect and positive structure.


Inspiring families through a true connectedness is my passion. I strongly feel our world would drastically change through a reduction of depression, suicide, feelings of inferiority, addictions, self-harm, crime and abuse, once we change the energy of how we perceive and understand children. The first step to seeing that change in the world starts in our own home.

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