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More About Wendy

When my daughter was first born, my heart exploded with true love. I held her in my arms and hardly left the house or put her down for the first 4 months of her life.

That may seem extreme, but at the time I had found my life purpose and my true passion: to parent my daughter to the fullest. To love this new little soul and to raise her to love herself, without doubt of knowing her worth. With confidence to be herself, without judgement. With courage to express her voice. With gratitude to enjoy all that surrounds her.

Four years later my son was born, with his own beautiful soul, of whom I nurtured in the same way.

These two people were my favorite people in the world. I wanted to spend time teaching and playing with them, and I did not want to hire outside childcare. So I started my own promotional agency, working from home, where I was able to offer other women and mothers an opportunity for income, independence, and a flexible schedule so they could be home with their children as much as possible too.  It was a lot of work, and very stressful at times, but it was mostly a great blessing to never miss an important moment with my children.

As parents, we are always faced with opportunities to be teachers, motivators, and nurturers, but not without incorporating time to find a balance and healthy boundaries within ourselves. Responsibilities and obligations need to be met, but we also have Human Needs to meet to be our best selves; otherwise we become depleted. A deflated balloon doesn’t have as much spunk or purpose as a balloon blown-up to its fullest! 

I feel as though demonstrating a balanced life of work, play, and passion to my children, showed them how to create a full life for themselves. Today, my children are confident, unique, adventurous adults who have incorporated their artistic passions into their daily lives. My son is a professional drummer of rock, jazz, and tribal music working with world renowned and local musicians. My daughter is an artist of many facets, including bone art and taxidermy dioramas.

My children and I still make time to travel together, make music together, play games together; continuing to BE TOGETHER authentically and joyfully!


"Through your own transformation and embracing your magnificence you will affect others in ways you may never fully understand. This is what changes the course of life.

Yes. You are that powerful."

- Fabienne Fredrickson

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