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Encourage Engaging Conversations with Your Children

Over the weekend while playing cards with my family, I asked if anyone knew why the 8 of Hearts was my favorite card. None of my family members seemed to know at the time, so I told them I would let them all think about it and they could get back to me later with their thoughts.

The next day, my son said, “Mom I think I know why the 8 of Hearts is your favorite card. It’s because your birthday is on the 8th and because you love infinitely.”

My son said that I love infinitely! Yes! How sweet and how true! Yes my birthday is on the 8th of June, and yes I do always say that I live my life with love… AND the 8 is the symbol for infinity!

Having my own son recognize this about me, made my heart fill with joy, and it will be a memory of his mother that will carry on throughout his life. Sharing fun things about yourself with your family is a sure way to bring a closer connection in relationship.

Conversation Starters

Conversation starters are a must for engaging families. For toddlers or young children, you should keep your questions simple, like, “What is your favorite…? Ice cream, animal, toy, game, friend, season… Do you like hot sunny days or cold snowy days? For older children, questions can get a bit more challenging and thought provoking.

If you struggle to find topics to discuss, there are lots of card games for ideas that you can order on line. There is one called ‘Sharing Time’ and another ‘Do You Really Know Your Family?’ You can do an on-line search for more ideas.

Encouraging such conversations will not only develop closer relationships, but it will also stimulate your child’s brain to grow with neurological development for decision making, memory, critical thinking, speech and language, vocabulary and reading skills.

So, tonight I encourage you to ask your children a fun trivia question about yourself. Maybe you could try this at the dinner table, or in the car, or at bedtime. If you aren’t in-person with your family tonight, perhaps you could text, call, or video chat with them. Then take turns, suggesting each member of your family to come up with their own question for you to discover the answer.

Quality time with your family can be practiced any time of the day, and great memories can be created in just minutes! Just be open and creative and let the joy sink in!

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