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How To Raise Brave Children

I read somewhere, that those who enjoy life the most are the ones who are courageous enough to live it - to have actual experiences.

This really resonated with me because I am a Do-er. A Go-er. I enjoy travel, foods, the arts, nature and people. I am a lover of life!

But do I consider myself to be ‘courageous’?

I didn’t, until I really pondered the thought of HOW much adventure I have experienced. How many fears I have faced. How many goals I have accomplished. And how many times I have tried before I quit.

If those who enjoy life are BRAVE. Therefore, I am!

How do we as adults raise ‘brave’ children? I believe it starts in the home with allowing children the opportunity to practice. Allow children to practice everything! Practice using their voice to express themselves. Practice giving and receiving praise. Practice winning AND losing – learning to be gracious with both, by just having the opportunity to experience. Practice problem solving, by brainstorming ideas for a resolution – even when they don’t work! Practice decision making by offering 2 choices at a time. Peas or Broccoli? Pink or Blue? 7pm or 8pm?

When we don’t allow children to do for themselves, they don’t really learn to ‘do for themselves’. Instead, they learn that someone else will do it for them, or not even get to have any opportunity to try. If a child doesn’t get to try something, they certainly won’t learn it!

When you notice your child having an interest in something, let them try it out! Maybe it’s a sport, or other extracurricular activity, or perhaps there is another kid your child is interested in becoming friends with. Take that time to invest in helping your child get their personal needs met – even if it’s something you don’t like.

I see parents who tell their kids they won’t like a certain food, just because the parent doesn’t like it. The same with music, or fashion, sports, and even politics. Let’s nurture children’s individuality by allowing them to experience their own interests and by giving them opportunities to practice critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

Either through success or failure, your child will relish in personal growth, gaining confidence, independence, resilience, and joy when we allow them to experience interests and practice life skills.

After all, those who enjoy life the most, are the ones who are brave enough to experience it!

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