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My Theory That Guided Me to Create The Soulful Family Coach

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

I have a theory that if we as parents can raise an entire society of emotional healthy children, then the trajectory of that society would see a reduction in crime, addiction, abuse, and suicide.

The Trajectory Theory

There is, in fact, a theory in place called The Trajectory Theory that describes multiple pathways that would direct a person toward delinquent behavior. So if we focus on just the opposite of those such pathways, in conjunction with mindfulness and nurturing parenting when raising children, I would expect to see a future society of emotionally healthy adults with fewer cases of despair, loneliness, and depression.

In a study of Adverse Childhood Experiences, the results of children who experienced various forms of trauma or oppression led to higher percentages of at-risk adults with addictions, depression, divorce, or victimization. Of course, we cannot control every moment of our children’s lives, but what we can do, is be a nurturing support for a child to work through such issues. When a child wants to tell you something, LISTEN. Being mindful in listening to a child, no matter what they want to tell you. This will teach the child that YOU are their ‘Safe Person’; the one they can trust and rely on, no matter what. So throughout all developmental stages, that child will know they are protected and secure with you.

Our Impact as Parents

Offering a non-judgmental open mind when listening to a child, will help the child understand that because a traumatic experience happened to them, does not mean they deserved it or that they can’t get through it. But they will need kindness and nurturing support, indefinitely, through healing.

If we can be a mindful parent, one who is empathic and aware of all situations without judgement, we can raise emotionally healthy children who are able to know their worth and feel a sense of belonging, become resilient and creative in problem solving, one who can have healthy interpersonal relationships, and find a sense of joy and gratitude throughout their lifetime.

I became a Family Coach for these reasons, and look forward to living in a transformed society by contributing an approach to a growing mindset for all families; teaching positive guidance and mindfulness that will lead to future generations of emotionally healthy people.

~ Wendy Allyson, The Soulful Family Coach

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